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I help spiritually-inclined leaders write books


My name is Stephen Parato and I'm a Content Expert, Author & Poet.Along with writing inspirational poetry, I create custom guides to help brands articulate their big vision and hone their unique voice.Who better to help put words to big ideas than a poet, right?It's an interesting blend of skills, I know, and that's my zone of genius.Here’s a few more fun facts about me:

  • Wrote 20+ books (some as a ghostwriter)

  • 11+ years of blogging experience

  • 5+ years of Content Management experience

  • Generated 500,000+ visits to my blogs

  • Wrote 1,100+ broadcast emails

  • 2 Bachelor’s Degrees (in Marketing and Global Supply Chain Management)

  • Certified Lurn Masters Coach

  • Created content for people like Daymond John and Robert Kiyosaki

  • Created user guides for corporate clients like AIG & TD Bank

  • Helped create online courses taken by 100,000+ students

An overarching theme of my life is sparking the divine brilliance within people. The mediums for this are my poetry and my consulting work with brands.


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I help spiritually-inclined leaders write books.If you're interested, visit the explainer page via the button below.