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I help people and brands innerstand and apply power of words (from the soul!)

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My name is Stephen Parato and I'm an Author, Copywriter & Content Creator.Here’s a few more fun facts about me:

  • Wrote 20+ books (some as a ghostwriter)

  • 11+ years of blogging experience

  • 5+ years of Content Management experience

  • Generated 500,000+ visits to my blogs

  • Wrote 1,100+ broadcast emails

  • 2 Bachelor’s Degrees (in Marketing and Global Supply Chain Management)

  • Certified Lurn Masters Coach

  • Created content for people like Daymond John and Robert Kiyosaki

  • Created user guides for corporate clients like AIG & TD Bank

  • Helped create online courses taken by 100,000+ students

  • Senior Copywriter for Empire State University

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Journaling is a practice that completely transformed my life for the better.It's one of the most powerful things anyone can do to grow as a person and upgrade their life.In light of this, I created some guided journals to help you become more mindful, enhance your creativity, and live your best life.Click the images below to find out more about each journal.


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Sozwik is a story about an extraterrestrial sasquatch shaman who comes to Earth and finds himself in the midst of a cosmic, spiritual war.

Information Alchemy is the process of transforming raw information into knowledge and wisdom. It’s about being a master of information, not a slave to it.


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Men's Coaching

I'm putting together a special group program for men who meet the following criteria:

  • You're between 22-50 years old

  • You're ready grow in every area of life and step into your next level

  • You're open-minded

  • You want to live a life of greater purpose and deeper fulfillment

  • You want to inspire and help others in meaningful ways

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If you've ever thought about writing a book, I've got something for ya...A FREE workshop to help you outline your book and start writing it (from the soul!).Click the button below to learn more.

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Now if you want a step-by-step 90 day program to write your book, check out Divine Write.It has EVERYTHING I know and practice when it comes to writing a book.Click the button below to learn more.